Column headers to row values

Hello partners!! : D

Today I’m facing a new challenge in a knime workflow :muscle::smirk_cat:.

So, I was wondering if there is a way to convert column headers into values. Let me show you the table I have:

And the output I´m trying to get should be something like this:

I need to sort those column headers as values, to find a time difference once it´s ordenated

The things I´ve tried are

  • Unpivot
  • Column agregation + ungroup
  • List column group + date & time difference

Some of this solutions lose data, create “duplicates” or simply didn’t work
I ran out of ideas, so I´ll be very happy with any new idea or help to this.


Hi @ttsk8der

See this wf col_header_to_row_values.knwf (29.4 KB).
It proces every column in a loop, with the use of flow variables.

gr. Hans


Helloo : D @HansS

Thank you, the WF you shared is very usefull, so thanks for your time and effort.

BTW do you know a way to sum multiple duration row values?
I tried pivot, agregation and groupBy, but I didn´t find a “Sum” method


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