Column List Loop start node use to loop through CSV in Auto Arima model

Hi all,
I’m new to Knime and this is my first workflow. I am trying to recreate an ARIMA model I’ve developed using Python before.
I have a time series dataset in CSV and I need to predict each column separately.
the dataset looks like this. each column is a separate time-series.

I used the following workflow to loop through each column and train an Auto arima model.

however after training for one column when the loop goes to the next one, the auto arima node gives an error

WARN Column Selection Configuration 0:117:0:368 Column '11612425231' is not part of the table spec anymore.

also i noticed that when configuring the auto arima node it chooses only one column as the target column and doesnt change it according to the loop

I have not used this node before but considering your Target column,
have a look at the Flow Variables Tab which should allow you to overwrite the fix Value for Target column with a variable from your loop.

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