Column Merger

Hi guys,

Is there specific node to merge multi-column pairs? Like, I have 5 column A and 5 column B, and it need to be merged. Then, I have to merge those 5 (A1B1, A2B2,…)

I recognized using Column Expressions instead, but I wanna ask for some new ways that I’ve ever known haha.

You need to provide more detail about what you’re trying to do. If you have an existing workflow and sample data you could share you’re more likely to get help.

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Hi @huynhduc ,

As @rfeigel said , without a detailed column description, others can only guess the column definition. For example, my guessed column names are defined as A1, A2,…,A5,B1,B2,…,B5, A1 and B1 need to be merged, and so on.

Explanation: My solution relies on the specific definition structure of column names and is not widely applicable.

example.knwf (27.2 KB)


Sorry guys,

Information added.

Assume column AB and CD is my result. If we use Column Merger, it’s ok. My case is supposed I have 10 columns. That’s mean I have to use 10 Column Merger nodes.

So, my question is, is there any shorter way to do that?

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Hello @huynhduc,

You could use Column Combiner instead instead of Column Merger and then String Manipulation to remove all the missing values which will be written as ‘?’.

I will be attaching a example workflow, Hope this helps you

exampleColumn.knwf (76.5 KB)

Thank you for clarification,

My method is to define a mapping dictionary, where I only defined 2 rows, because the input data for the example data only has 4 columns, and if your column has 10 columns, merging in pairs may require defining 5 rows.

example0.0.2.knwf (38.1 KB)

Hello @manish_mohan

Thank you for your reply but column AB and CD is the result column, not the input :grin:

I get that.

The point is how you can merger multiple columns using one node.
I will be attaching the configuration for Column Combiner node.

Hope you will get your desired output by changing the configurations.


Hi @manish_mohan , you could also use Column Aggregator instead of Column Combiner in your example, set it to concatenate and untick “Missing” thus avoiding need for String Manipulation/Replacer :wink:


Hai @takbb , Thanks for suggesting. I got that :blush: