Column merging help in case-based workflow - Selenium

I need help with something. On the page where I am trying to get data, the div order is different on some pages, so I cannot get data on those pages. For this reason, I added an element finding flow in the 2nd version div. But the problem is that if it cannot find it in the 1st div path, it should try the 2nd path and continue on its way.

In any case, both paths must work simultaneously. So, if there is no result in the 1st way, one should continue with the 2nd way. And when all the pages are completed, the workflow should end in the order I sent.

How can I solve this? A simple example would be very helpful.

Help with an advice or solution.

Here is the fastest solution I found!

a. step 30 the url list is sent to the 1st div path and 16 compatible div results are received.

b. Step 1. The url results coming from the div path are compared with the input url list and non-existent urls are determined.

c. The URL addresses specified in the step are sent to the 2nd div path and the results are received.

d. In the last step, the results from the 1st div and 2nd div paths coming from both places are combined.

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