Column name in Cell


I’ve a little problem.

There’s a table like this:
Header | ID | A | B
Row 1 | 1 | x | -
Row 2 | 2 | x | -
Row 3 | 3 | - | x

Now I need to replace the “x” in every row with the Column Names “A” or “B”.
There are way to many rows for Excel, so I want to transform it directly within the workflow.

Hopefully there’s a simple solution for it :slight_smile:

Thanks & Greetings

Hi there!

There is a simple solution. Use Column Expressions node with function replace. In this node you can add multiple expressions.

If names A and B are not fixed use Extract Column Header node and then transfer column header names to Column Expressions node as flow variables. To get Flow variables you can use Table Row to Variable node. Otherwise you can skip this.

Column Expressions node is available from 3.6 and needs to be installed from Extensions :wink:


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