Column name manipulation

Hello Knimer,

my next goal is to manipulate row4 with adding a column name like in this picture:

If the product is from 204847406, then it shall add this name also in row4.

Do you have any idea which manipulation string I can use for this?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
Br Alex

Maybe use the Many-to-One node and then the Column Combiner?

Hi @Alex1990, I tried another approach iterating the columns to be checked.
However, it’s more complex and not so lightweight…
Z_007_col2val.knwf (26.0 KB)
Configure and try.
Greetz, Tommy

Hi there @Alex1990,

you can accomplish this by only using Column Expressions node with following syntax:

    join(columnNames()[1]," ",column("row4"))
    join(columnNames()[2]," ", column("row4"))

Maybe you will have to modify index of columnNames() to get name of columns you need.


Hello at all,

first to @tommy, as you said, its really no lightweight for me :smiley:
@ipazin your syntax looks useful for me, but I can not find the Column Expressions node at KNIME
Is it possible to write it in the String Manipulation? If yes, something is not working, because I get errors (you can find it at the picture)

Furthermore, I have to mention that I am a fresh beginner in KNIME :smiley:

My bad, the Column Aggregator works better here than the Column Combiner because it does not insist on quoting the spaces.


KNIME_project9.knwf (9.0 KB)

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Hi @Aswin

your approach was very helpful! It works. The next step I have to do, is to add a zero (if it is missing) and is it also possible to delete the spaces, that I always have the same format (check the picture

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Here you go.
KNIME_project9.knwf (10.5 KB)


Hi there @Alex1990,

Column Expressions node is part of extension and needs to be installed. Drag&Drop it into your KNIME Analytics Platform from the link I shared or check this page on how to install extension in KNIME.


I tried to rebuild this approach, because I have to add to the numbers in column Max_Arr[o] the sign “;”
But its not working, I guess I have to take another function, right?

And furthermoer, how can I export the final table in excel or in a .txt file?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I tried it with this one but its not working neither: :-/

Hi there @Alex1990,

you can’t use two expressions in one String manipulation node. Either combine them or use this node two times.


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