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i have a table in knime to be export to an existing excel file, however one of the column’s name in the excel report has an space after the name, example: "Invoice Current ", unfortunately Knime has not allowed me to replicate that name of the column with the space after. Is there a way i can get this done?

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Hi @Soldado , this is weird. Knime usually has no problem at all with spaces in column names, more so because it recognizes column names in the format of $Column name$. So you can have spaces, it will understand the name as it takes everything between the 2 $ signs.

I’m trying to understand what you are doing though, and I can’t say I understand…

Do you mean that you are trying write the column to a sheet in an excel file? What kind of error message are you getting? May be the error is not so much about the column name, but about something else.

Can you show us what you are doing?


Hello @Soldado,

KNIME strips any whitespace characters from the beginning and end of column names. Workaround is to move column names in first row and append space to “Invoice Current” value before exporting to Excel. Here is a way to do it.



Thank you Ivan

This solution is great.


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Glad to hear it works for you @Soldado :slight_smile:

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