Column order for some variables

Hello community,

I’m having a bit of a trouble ordering my columns for some variables.
I already used a column resorter and a table creator to have a standardized format. However, when I export the .csv and load it into my Power BI, I can notice that some SKUs and ID Zones are inverted. The “1, 2, 3” values (ID Zone) are on the SKU column. The weird thing is that this applies only for 5-10 SKUs and ID Zones. Not all of the column is affected by this problem.

If any of you have any suggestions/comments that could help, don’t doubt in sharing it. I’ll be happy with any kind of feedback!



Hi @jmdata

Your description is not very clear unfortunately.

Is KNIME generating the correct output or not? If that’s the case, I’d say you’re better off asking for support on the PowerBI side :wink:

And if not, could you elaborate and what’s happening on the KNIME side, how does your csv look like, is the data correctly separated with a delimiter, are all the column header present and in a workable format?

I’m afraid that screenshots will not be sufficient this time.

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