Column Rename (new UI) no longer shows (modify) column type

Hi All,
even if in my production enviroment I’d still prefer the old interface, some nodes show the new one and I got that there is actually no workaround for this problem…
I already written a post related to this, but now i have a new question:

May be I’m not so smart … but in Column Rename node ( forced new UI ) you can’t change the column type anymore… is this real??
Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

Have you tried the Table Manipulator node for this purpose?


@stefanomosca it was best not to use the rename node to change data types. So I think it makes sense to have a dedicated node for that now.

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Thanks ScottF,
I’ll use it from now.
I guess that function in Column Rename was useful also to fix some “non native” type that sometime you can find in some excel tables. You have to fix it directly in the excel reader transformation panel.
The left column with the list of all the columns with the bold style for the “used” ones instead of a non resizable popup menu was better for me…and not only…
Anyway this is a fine workaround.
Everytime I configure a node in this “mixed UI” I’m a little upset… I don’t want to downgrade to 4.7.x … but I hope for some fixing.
We need to get used to the new UI…but it’s not an easy transition if you have working and productive flows to work on everyday.
Thanks a lot for your support!

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Thanks a lot!
Good point
I’ll have a look

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