Column Rename


uncertain if that is a bug or a feature I apply both flags. The Column Rename Node, since it is leveraging the new UI, allows to add the same column twice. Albeit it’s being validated at the end, it still causes some UX issues.

Validation error

Select options not filtered / already selected not marked or “disabled”
Note: In the classic UI the already chosen columns were visually marked accordingly and not able to get added again.

Classic UI

Modern UI (no, modern UI was not enabled!)

More columns can be added than there are available

Therefore, I’d like to suggest to:

  1. Remove the already selected column from the drop down list which eases the selected especially when many columns are present
  2. Add a “blank” field atop which allows to provide a string that automatically filters the list of remaining (not selected) columns. As shown in above screenshot displaying the classic UI such a filter functionality was present before but got lost.
  3. Only allow to add the maximum number of columns present to be added
  4. Optionally: Allow to resort the selected columns. It must NOT necessary result in resorting of the data but sometimes you start with the wrong column or new columns getting added. The logical order of the columns I believe is a crucial orientation because as it stands right now I can rename in whatever order but the column sequence will remain the same. Though, when opening the drop down, the actual logical order is used.


With the drop downs having it a text field that can autocomplete on entering in a few charaters which matches to the columns or if you drop down it shows the columns that matches to what you have types. where you have lots of columns htis would be useful…

alternatively why not show all the columns and a blank column to the left with the new name similar to how alteryx has a select node it makes it so easy to not only select which nodes to keep but rename it at the same time and there are less clicks and drop downs:


Hi @kb2010, I think the Table Manipulator node is a close match for what you describe:

This is actually 6 nodes in 1

  • Concatenate
  • Column Resorter
  • Column Renamer
  • Column Filter
  • (plus “data type changer”)
  • (plus ROWID-lite (can reset rowid) )

and in my view much underused (at least I don’t see it mentioned often on the forum). I suspect its use will now increase with the advent of the new Column Rename node! :wink:


OMG what a hidden gem!!! I never knew about this one and always wondered why we had to create multiple nodes to do these actions which make sense to be done at once. love the fact it can also union tables by adding another port! Thank you Takbb this is fantastic!

Is there a down side or limitation to this node that i am not aware of?

HI @kb2010, I’m not aware of any limitations or down sides. It’s been around for quite a while but it is one of those nodes that seems to be found by “word of mouth” rather than by “discovery”. In fact although I knew about it a couple of years ago, I only “rediscovered” it myself relatively recently when I saw it mentioned again.

I created a component that allows you to remap column names to match another table or list via dropdowns. It also handles a ton of other tasks like filtering dropdown options, backup setting recovery, blocking double assignment, sorting, inserting any missing columns to avoid workflow errors, etc. I doubt that it is super applicable to most users, but I use my own internal column name templates to standardize my client workflows.

If you find yourself tackling massive column re-map tasks then it can bypass a ton of manual entry, manipulation hassle and potential errors. The interactive view controls the re-map settings. The component installs and maintains its own log file in the component folder to ensure settings remain intact copy and pasted / workflow adjustments. It may require a right click and execute on the very 1st run after basic configuration changes to have it create and use the log file.

I also prefer the Table Manipulator to simplify small manual column adjustment tasks. (and I also forget about it half the time and use 4 nodes when I could have used 1 :rofl:)