Column Renamer (KNIME 5.1.2)

Hi there,

I feel a little bit blind so please excuse, if I miss the obvious.

I can’t find where to configure flow variables for the Column Renamer node. In the config (F6 or clicking the cog wheel) I can only set the columns and their replacement but I want to steer it dynamically using Flow Variables.

Maybe someone can nudge me in the right direction.


Hi @kowisoft , the column renamer is one of the nodes which I find a little more painful when it comes to dynamically modifying settings with flow variables.

The trick is that you need to pre-prepare the main dialog with “fictional” but “legal” renamings

and after that, the flow variable configurations for each becomes available via the Configure flow variables menu

Depending on your use case, you may find it easier to create a table of column renamings and then use the Column Renamer (Dictionary) node instead


awesome, that did the job. Thanks a lot! I was a “bit to used to” just having the Flow Variable tab available everywhere :wink:

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Excellent. Things don’t stand still though as you know!

In KNIME 5.2, one new “cool feature” is better accessibility to flow variables.

Hover the mouse where I’ve marked it in blue and you get a “flow variables” button appear. (The above “configure flow variables” menu option remains available)

[Edit: I just looked again and you don’t need to hover where I marked it blue - you simply have to make the field active and the buttons appear]

Click the button and…


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