Column Resorter - Action for Number Sorting

Possibility to sort the column headers based on their number value would be highly beneficial. Now the A-Z sorting is not able to sort the number format column in the appropriate order, actions for 0-9 and 9-0 sorting would help a lot.

As a workaround we have to use:
Extract Column Header → Transpose → String to Number → Sorter → Number to String → Reference Column Resorter

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This is already on the list. Have added +1 to existing ticket (Internal reference: AP-10554). Upon news someone will update this topic to notify you.


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Hi @kamad3 , back in May I built a component that lets you choose a set of columns to be sorted alphabetically, the idea being that you might not want all columns sorted, but just a subset of them, maybe leaving key information or name etc to the left hand end. The Column Resorter node of course sorts all columns, which can then lead to the issues you describe even if you had already added numeric columns in the correct sequence.

That component is here:

That also suffered the same problem you describe, so in response to what you said, I adapted it earlier today and created a modified version which, if it finds columns that are totally numeric (so purely digits) up to 20 digits in length, it will sort these into numeric order.

You can find this new variant of the original component here, if it’s of interest:


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