Column Resorter


When I use the Column Resorter node to reorder the columns if I check the Output Data the table is written as it should. However when I try to write it into a SD file the final configuration of the columns is the same as before the Column Resorter node.

Can you tell what I am doing wrong?

The same situation happens to me with the Column Filter node.


This maybe because the contents of the columns where in the SDF initially when you loaded in the SDF file of structures presumably.

An SDF cell holds lots of columns of data besides the structure. To wipe this clean, and retake the columns in the KNIME table you need to convert it away from an SDF column for the structure.

Convert it to a MOL file, and then back to an SDF, then this column info will be removed.


Thank you for your help.

Using your suggestion I was able to solve the problem.