column selection from a list provide through another file

Is there a option in knime to perform column selection providing a list of features .am currently working on a dataset which got around 600 attributes of which i needed to select particular 470 columns which are fed through another file . is there a node to perform this operation or can someone suggest me a way to do this ?
thanks in advance,

Hi Sreeja,

How are the 470 columns provided in the second dataset?

Is it a table with 470 columns? If yes, you can just use the Reference Column Filter node.

Or is it a one column dataset with 470 rows, one row for each column name? Then you can also use the Reference Column Filter, but it will need a little data wrenching: Use a RowID node such that the column names are now the new Row IDs. Next transpose the table. Now you can use this as Input for the Reference Column Filter node.

Does that help?


Hi Marten,
that’s really helpful
Its one row for each column,and your suggestion worked,thanks for the fast reply.:slight_smile: