Column selection via flow variables in Joiner node

Hi there,

I am trying to do something that I know is possible on older versions of the Joiner node but can’t figure out how to do, either on the old or newer version of Joiner.
How do I set my joiner node to select more than one column to include from the left table using flow variables. It seems I can only choose one flow variable and therefore only one column name using the leftColumnSelectionConfig options in the Flow Variables tab of the Joiner node.

Can anybody help?

Hi @MehdiM and welcome to the Knime Community.

Flow variables have an icon next to them to show what their type is. If you look at the included_names flow variable under the leftColumnSelectionConfig, you can see the icon as S[], which means a list/collection of string.

So you can pass multiple column names as a list/collection.


Thank you @bruno29a that’s what I needed indeed! Used a table creator, a create column selection node and a groupby to create my list of variables to pass on to the joiner!

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