Column sorting after pivoting

Hi, i’m new to Knime.
I did a pivoting and the column is aggregated by Month+Vol and Month+NS.
2022-01 vol, 2022-01 NS, 2022-02 vol, 2022-02 NS, 2022-03 vol, 2022-04 NS

I’d like to sort it as
2022-01 vol, 2022-02 vol, 2023 vol, 2022-01 NS, 2022-02 NS, 2022-03 NS

any idea? Thanks.

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Hello @CCCCH and welcome to the KNIME forum.

You can proceed in manual way with Column Resorter node. Or more in a more authomatized way, by feeding it with column headers sorting in Reference Column Resorter node.



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