Column Splitter + String Manipulation

Hey guys!
I hope someone can help me with my problem regarding the column splitter node and string manipulation node.
I have many different columns and I only want one column, so I use the column splitter and put the one that I want in the ,bottom’’ panel. But afterwards I need to edit my column (with the string manipulation) - but now I can’t choose my column out of the Column List.
Thank you for your help!

It’s not clear to me what the problem is.
Can you post the workflow or a similar simplified one?

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I hope these images clarify my problem.
I need to edit the column ,Location_Arr[5]’’, but I can’t because of this error.

Once again, can you post the actual workflow?

My guess is that you have the String Manipulation node attached to the wrong output port of the Column Splitter node, but without the workflow it’s impossible to tell what could be going on.


oh, you were right. It was connected to the wrong output! Thank you so much

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Looks like the suspicion I had in my previous reply was correct.

You used the Column Splitter node and put the desired column in the “bottom” panel.
You then want to edit that column with the String Manipulation node.
Yet, you connected the String Manipulation node to the “top” output of the Column Splitter node.


I now see my mistake and everything sounds clear to me. Thank you very much!!

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