Column type to percent in excel

Good day,

Is there an easy way to convert a column type to a percent so that when the table is written to an excel file it is formatted as a percent?

Thank you!

Hi @mmays , I’m not sure what a “percent” type is or what format would a percent be. What would be the precision (decimal place) on that? I mean for example, what value do you expect as a percent for 1/3?

Knime would probably set the column do Decimal if you are doing calculations that results in floats

I think he just means to display it as a percent in Excel when it is written. There are 2 approaches. You can either format an excel “template” and then write your values to it using this… (Template just means an existing file, so you can write / format in excel, then use that as the formatting template for future changes.)

Or format the excel file using a series of Continental XLS formatting nodes.


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