com.knime.server.executor.max_lifetime= 2 Jobs - can we keep this on number of jobs.

I don’t want 2 days but only last two jobs.
basically I have many jobs are under workflow due to on web portal bcos team run the same job multiple times.

Any suggestions for the last 3 or 4 jobs !!

com.knime.server.executor.max_lifetime=<duration with unit, e.g. 60m, 36h, or
2d> [RE][RT]
Specifies the time in minutes after which an executor is retired and a new instance is
created (defaults to 1d), negative numbers disable.

Hi @navinjadhav

for this one possibility is using the distributed executors. With those you are able to reject jobs from a executor in case the server is already under to high load. In this case the server will than send the job forward to the next available executor.

Best wishes! Iris

I am not worried about load on server or executor , i just dont want to see jobs more than 3 jobs.