Combination of fixed and dynamic Color Manager

Hi All,

I have to create a scatterplot with fixed colors for some values in a nominal value column. Scatterplot creatioin is in a loop, and the values in the nominal column will change in each loop. There are some fixed values in the nominal columns such as max and min and other values change in each loop. I would like to have same color for the fixed values in every loop (max:red, min:yellow) and dynamic color allocation for other values since they are not fixed.

Is there anyway I can do this? Any help would be highly appreciated!!


Hi Nithin,

so do I understand this right, that you a column with numeric values, and all values inside a predefined min-max range you want to give red-yellow and everything out side should be in other colors?

Which colors should the one outside get? a random one?

Hi Iris,

Thanks for reaching out. I am trying to fix colurs for nominal value column.
Eg. Domain values for the columns: x,y,z (fixed and always will be there), janury, february, march etc… (not fixed, can vary in each loop)

I want to have fixed colors for x,y,z, and rondom colors for janury, february, march etc. since the domain values change in each loop.

Here fixed values are, let’s say, boarders and I don’t want different colors for them in each scatter plots. Others are atual values belongs to different category, let’s say, different months, where I don’t care the colur of the category but I just need different colors for each month.


Hi there @nithinth7,

tried couple of workarounds to achieve this but successfully failed :smiley:

Until couple of minutes ago. Idea is to have your fixed values named in a way that they are always first values shown in Color Manager configuration window. This way in each iteration they will have same colors whatever Set you chose in Color Manager (except Custom). To achieve this simply add space at beginning of this values with String Manipulation node.

Can’t chose your colors but guess should help :wink:


One more idea
You have a loop
So before the loop you have a full set of possible values?
Than you can define the colors before and use the apply inside. Would this work?

Hi Ivan,

Sounds like a good work around. Thank you!!!


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Hi @Iris,
That is true, but the amount is really high, more than a thousand.


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