combine 2 tables (excel) with no key

i want to combine 2 tables

First table :
Name Country
ABC Algeria
Alpha Albania
Beta Andora

Second table :

Name Country Business_Unit
ABC Algeria SBS
Alpha Albania SBS
Beta Andora SBS

can you help me ?


If you have just one value you could set that as a constant column. If you want to join everything from one table to the other you could introduce an artificial key that is constant and use that as a join column.

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Don’t rlly know the structure of your files, but maybe this is sufficient

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Hi @Hendraaj,
how should your final outcome look like?
Should every country be assigned to every business unit and the content of the SBS column to every remaining column of the first table?

Without more detailed information it is not possible to give you meaningful suggestion.


Hi @Mark_Ortmann

i already tried that node (Column Appender) but the errors return : Execute failed tables can;t be joined, non matching row counts 1 vs 3


hi @mlauber71

I only have 1 row of data, I try to combine it into several rows of data with the same contents. I tried to use list files node, table row to start loop variables and variable to table row. but when executed in the loop end the result occurs, the data is repeated several times with execute process… when using step loop execution. when using the step loop execution the data results are correct


Hi @morpheus,

Yes correct, every business unit of SBS column to every remaining column of the first table


Hi @Hendraaj
did you have checked if cross joiner node give you the expected outcome?


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