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I have an image that I am going to export to Excel but the Excel sheet above has information and I want the image to be below, is that possible, because I am doing it but the image is only saved in one column, and when I try to modify it, it only That column is modified in Excel, so what I want is to combine the image with the same column number that has my data so that when I do the concartenate, the image does not occupy only one column but the same ones that have my data

@Aprins you can place an image at a certain cell in Excel. The size will depend on the size of the file

In case I don’t have Python, because I’m working on the company PC and they don’t let us use Python, what other option is there? And the other question, in case I have numbers or other information above my image, what would happen?

@Aprins there is a bundled python version in a KNIME extension.

You can specify the cell where the image will be. You could adapt that so the image will be in the right position.

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Forgive me, but I don’t really understand how I can adapt what you tell me, with what I have at the moment, I am attaching a flow with an example of how I have it in my work and what I want is for the image to be below but not saved in one column but in several
Imagenes.knwf (148.8 KB)

Prueba.xlsx (114.0 KB)

@Aprins I have built a workflow to show how this could be done:

  • save the image as PNG file
  • export the data to an Excel sheet
  • determine the number of Rows and add 2 (to give the image a little bit of space)
  • use OpenPyxl to place the image under the table on the sheet starting in column A

The image will be as large as the PNG file, starting in column A.

Maybe you can adapt this example:


Thank you very much for the help

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