Combine Similar Excel Files

I need to combine volume data in two separate excel files. It contains mostly the same data, but some extra columns and some column data headers have different names for the same data. New to Knime and I assume there is a simple solution. Thanks for the help.

Excel File 1 Header
SerialNum PartNum Model#

Excel File 2 Header
Index SerialNo P/N Model#

Hi @bowlinglm, welcome to the KNIME community.

You can connect an Excel Reader node to each of your spreadsheets. After that you can attach a Column Rename node to one of them and change the column names so that they match the other sheet.

You can use a Column Resorter node if you need to change the column order on one or other.

A Concatenate node can then be added so that the output from one Excel Reader and the Column Rename node (or Column Resorter node) are linked to its input ports and the output from that node should then be the combined data from your two spreadsheets.

I hope that helps get you started.


I even think concatenate unions on column names so without resorting

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Hi @Daniel_Weikert, yes you are quite right.

And I guess we could also get rid of the column rename node too, and do the column renaming in the Transformation tab of the Excel Reader. This would be one very small workflow consisting of two Excel Readers and a Concatenate! :slight_smile:

(Although personally I’d probably stick with the Column Rename as it is more obvious what it’s doing)

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Thank you. With your assistance I was able to get this complete.

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