Combine Two Excel nodes into one output

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I have two Nodes (both, Excel writers) and I want to output the individual tables but combined into another (Excel Writer xls deprecated). Please how do I go about this?

Thank you.

Hi @Uchechukwu1 -

Don’t post the same question on multiple old topics, that just makes the forum messy.

In your case, you want to take two tables and combine them into one, then write to Excel? If they have the same structure, you could use a Concatenate node prior to an Excel Writer.

But you haven’t given us much to work with. Please upload a workflow with some sample data - or at the very least a screenshot - showing what you have tried already, and what your desired results look like.

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Hello ScottF, thanks for informing.

Excel Writer node + Excel Writer Node = Excel Writer (xls deprecated).
These are the nodes I am working with currently, I want to to have an output of both data to the Excel writer xls deprecated node, yes they have same structure. Also is there a replacement node for the Excel writer deprecated? Many thanks

I’m confused about how you are using two Excel Writers as input to another Excel Writer (Deprecated). Do you mean Excel Reader? As I requested, uploading a workflow or screenshot would help clarify. I am anticipating something like this for you but I don’t have enough details to guess, really:

2022-08-11 10_07_43-KNIME Analytics Platform

If you would rather not use a deprecated node, which is likely just a holdover from a previous version of KNIME after you upgraded, just grab the latest Excel Writer from the node repository.


Beside @ScottF proposal there is also the option to append data to the same file (in case you want to write to differnt sheets)

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@ScottF thanks, these nodes did exactly what I was looking for. However, I now see the data being combined doesn’t produce my intent when it comes out in output folder. Is there a way to split the output in two different sheets yet one excel file, example Sheet 1 and Sheet 2?


@Daniel_Weikert yes please, looks like something I have been trying to achieve, please what nodes would work for this?

The excel writer has this option as a radiobutton to select.

Take a look at this simple example. It uses a flow variable to define the sheet name, and writes two different sheets to a single Excel file according to the Type defined in the input data.

ForumGroupedExcelExample.knwf (16.5 KB)

Okay great. This worked, thank you @ScottF

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