combine two excel tables with condition .

Hello everyone
I come to you to ask for your help.
I have two tables that I want to join. But the problem is to join the two tables with a condition:
attach the weight box of the second table with the first table but in the same line of the batch.
To be more clear, I have the name 4 lots in the first table with other data. in the second table I have the names of the 4 lots and their weights but not in the same order.


Hi @soufayadi,
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First of all, the order plays no role for joining data.
But in your example the content of the nom_lot column in both tables is different (one ends with ‘_1’ and the other with ‘_01’).
You first have to replace the ‘_1’ with ‘_01’ or vice versa to get the same key content in both tables using e.g. a string manipulation or java snippet node.
Then you can bring both tables together with the joiner node.



thank you for your answer
the name of the ‘lot’ is an error on my part. normally the 'lots ’ have the same name in both tables .
I used node join but it doesn’t work. because it doesn’t add the weight column in the first table respecting the ‘lots’ name

In the Joiner node you can specify which columns in which tables to keep. Have you done this?

It would be easier for us to troubleshoot if you shared the data and workflow.

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thank you for your help elsamuel
i used concatenate and it s gave me a result with empty cell table

Use the joiner node not concatenate.
The concatenate node combine tables via appending, but does not merge tables.


yes !
thank you for your help morpheus .
have a good day

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