Combine two similar rows

Hello, i am very new to knime and i want to combine two rows which are a duplicate with same characteristics but only different values.

for eg. the dash below represents different columns (company, month, value)
company 1 - Feb - 2000
Company 1 - Feb - 3000
Company 1 - march - 1000

results i want is below:
company 1 - feb - 5000
company 1 - march 1000

thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @Jowairieyyah123 , and welcome to the KNIME community.

From your example data, what you appear to be wanting to do is summarize your data so that keeping the other columns the same, you are aggregating the value column.

To do this, you can use a GroupBy node. Specify all of the columns except value as your Group columns on the “Groups” tab, and then choose the value column on the “Manual Aggregation” tab, and choose sum as the aggregation method.

You’ll probably want to opt to keep the original column name too

I hope that helps. By the way, I’m assuming that all of your data is actually going to remain in consistent case between the input table and the required output. In your example, you had changes of case but I’m guessing that was just a quick draft rather than actually wanting a change of case. :wink:


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