Combined column cleaner/selecter tool [proposal]

I would like to propose a single node that can be used to clean up columns. When I read a database, there are loads of columns, and when I want to get the columns I need, the way I need them, I need 4-6 nodes before I’ve even started:

  • Column filter
  • Column renamer
  • Various types of column type changers (1 for every type of conversion)
  • Column sorter

My proposal - have a single node with configuration as follows:
Left: all input column headers
Right: output columns, where you can choose which columns are output, and changing their name/type/order all in a single table.


Hi @Reinoud,

thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will create a request for that!
Just to make sure: You mean a node that would be a DB / database node to use before pulling and reading data into KNIME, correct?


Hi Martyna,
Thanks for your reply!
No, I actually meant a node to use in any spot of a workflow, which cleans up columns in a way described in my original post.
I foresee 2 uses:

  • Near the start of a workflow, after pulling data and reading into KNIME
  • In the middle of a workflow, e.g. after a joiner to clean up columns that were created etc

Another question: is it possible to see status of a request like this?
Thanks, I really appreciate this speedy response!


no unfortunately it is not possible to see the status, I can link your post to that so we could share an update when something is done - but of course without any promises!
Let me show you something that we created without any need to involve the development - namely a component that can do different cleanup steps in one step and view.
Please check this link on the hub:

You can drag&drop the component directly from the Hub and connect to your last output port. Then execute and open the interactive view to get this:

There you can do different cleaning tasks like filtering and renaming, remove duplicates, handle missing values etc. It doesn’t cover all your tasks from the list, but might already save some steps and time.

The big advantage of a component is - you can manipulate and customize it according to your needs and don’t need to wait for a new node development. I hope it helps a bit for now.



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Hello @Reinoud,

with new, 4.3.0., KNIME version there is now available Table Manipulator node which filters, renames, sorts together with couple of more functionalities :wink:

Check out release highlights here:


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