Combining columns based on position and not headers

Is there a way to run a loop to consolidate 100+ Excel files into one table where the headers are different, but the data in the column positions is the same?

For example, “Number” as a header may change to “Num” but would still want to combine those as the output since it’s the second column.

@jallen23 welcome to the KNIME forum. You can take a look at this example where there is an import using column names A, B, C instead of the headers.

You can combine that with loops or try to import all files at once with the Excel reader node. You can also restart a loop after failure.

You can also try and make sure that the files have the same structure and types.

Depending on your data you could also use


Thank you @mlauber71 , that works!

Is there a way to filter rows that are blank if one of the columns is blank in that cell? For example, some of the rows are summary rows from the original files.

Edit: Found a way to do it with the rule-based Row filter


Exclude TRUE matches

Thank you!

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