Combining multiple columns


Is there a way to combine multiple column and asking knime to skip any missing values? I’ve tried using the column combiner but it merges the missing values that was noted as “?”.

Have been trying this for a while now so i hope someone can help.


Hello @heywaiming,

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Column Combiner doesn’t have option to skip missing values. Instead use Column Aggregator where you’ll find option to skip missing values. I assume aggregation method you need is Concatenate :wink:



Thanks so much! It worked and I’ve spend so long trying to figure out using column combiner + string manipulation.

Still kind of new at this! Was wondering if there is a list of common function and description that I can refer to?

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You are welcome @heywaiming.

There is a lot of learning materials around KNIME. Check their learning space:

There you’ll find Cheat Sheets which seems closest to a “list of common functions” you are looking for.

Additionally check this forum topic on learning KNIME were users share their experience:



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