Combining multiple rows values into single row

Hi Knime experts
I attached the raw data and what I want, if someone can help me .


You didn’t really explain what you wanted

You appear to be grouping by Part Name and/or No. and summing on DGR, but it’s unclear what the underlying logic is. Why are some rows used and others not?


You need to do 3 aggregations using Group by node

  1. Group by No. and use aggregation method Set for Part Name
  2. Group by Part Name and No., use aggregation method First for DGR
  3. For result of step 2 Group by No. and use aggregation method Sum for DGR
  4. Join results of step 1 and 3 for result by No.
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Sorry, I didn’t clearly declare what is my question, let me show what my whole data and what I want. Hope this time it’s clear, and thanks in advance.
data.xlsx (13.1 KB)

Hi izaychik63
Thank you for your reply. I am sorry, I didn’t clearly declare what’s my problem, I just resubmit .

So if you first drop the duplicate rows and then group by all the criteria necessary (group no, …) and do the relevant aggregations e.g. sum for numbers, concatenate for text values you should get what you are looking for

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