Combining text and table for email

I currently have a workflow that sends an email to each individual analyst with a table of the items they need to review in the body. The formatting is done through the ‘table to HTML string’ node. Is it possible, to combine instructions, and a table of items to review, while still using a single variable?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @benson_cm

Did you consider using the KNIME reporting functionality

gr. Hans


Hello, @HansS
I just upgraded to 5.2.2, so I could access the reporting nodes.
Now I have access but I am not finding documentation on how to use the ‘Report HTML Writer’ for this (or any) application. I noticed the info at this link [KNIME Reporting Guide]
suggested creating a component & using the layout editor. I am very familiar with using these tools but again I don’t see anything about how it would interact with or get to the report writer, especially using a loop.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hey @benson_cm,

I would recommend to also take a look at the new Email Processing Extension (still in labs).
With these new nodes it is very easy to send repots as HTML or add them as an attachment. (check the attached screenshot)

Hope this gives you a nice starting point.

Edit: The Email Sender is currently only available in the nightly and will come with 5.3. (Sorry for the confusion)



I appreciate the suggestions, thank you!!!