Combining Two Data Sets And Infilling Missing Row Data

Okay, so I’m feeling really stupid. I have two tables/data sets I wish to fully combine. Series One has great detail, but is missing many dates for time series presentation. Series Two is made to “force” in the missing dates in Series One. Then I’ll use linear interpolation to fill in the missing detail where the missing dates have been forced into place. See pictures below.

FYI, all data must be analyzed one-at-a-time by “Neighborhood”. I have tried concatenating, joining, and cross joining, and everything just either turns out a massive oversized mess or I’m not successful at forcing the dates from Series Two into Series One. IE: Series One should increase in row count to accommodate the missing dates forced into place from Series Two.

I’ve attached the two data sets.

series1.xlsx (1.1 MB)

series2.xlsx (307.4 KB)

Please show me how simple this should have been so I can go hide in humiliation–but joyfully with integrated data.

Thank You

Try this. I haven’t thoroughly QAd it, but it seems to work. Credit to @bruno29a for a portion of the workflow.


@rfeigel @bruno29a Looking at the linked WF…So this little task is substantially more complex than I thought. I will pull it in and see how it goes for me.

Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face: