Combining two tables - where can I find the matching column?

Hello together,

after receiving such a greatful help, I have the next seperated topic with my analysis. I want to combine an output from a node with another table from Excel. I used the Excel Reader to import the second data. But then I tried out the Node Concantenade to combine them. The result was an unspecif table with added columns from the second source. May be he uses the first column, but my matching column is number 12 for example. I saw no option to say, wich column he has to check before combining the information.

Could you please help me again?

Kind regards

Hello @DennisMB

Iā€™m not sure what is your expected outcome, but I would go for using Joiner node to match to datasets. It allows you to select matching columns from each input table. It also allows you to select the way to match both table - please configure the node and see graphical representations of the outcome.
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