Common workspace for multiple users

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I am installing KNIME on workstations that are accessed by multiple users. I like them to all have a common default workspace to start from.

I tried putting an absolute path to this into config.ini (‘osgi.instance.area.default’), but this does not seem to have an effect.

What is the recommended procedure to do this?

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Try to put workspace in shared folder. In other case every user will place it inside their profiles.

Hi @MartinSchorb,

To clarify: Do you want users to share a workspace or do you want to change the initial content of the workspace that each user owns individually?


Hi Stefan,

I would like to show each user an identical initial workspace with some pre-defined workflows. At NEUBIAS, Jan mentioned that it should be possible to set the default workspace that is shown to every user at first startup using a system-wide configuration. I could then point it to a shared directory with the workflows.


You can do a setup in such a way that people access one KNIME Analytics Platform installation and replace the contents of in that installation (on macOS it’s in KNIME X.Y.Z/Contents/Eclipse).

We don’t support pointing to a different location for this file, so way to go would be for the users to share one installation with your custom

Hi Stefan,

This works! Using the suggested approach, the contents of any newly-created workspace are defined.
Thanks for the hint.

In fact, I also found a way to provide a given directory in the list of suggested recent workspaces.
I could achieve it by setting “RECENT_WORKSPACES=” in configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs

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