Como remover acentos da coluna MUNICIPIOS

Não estou sabendo como retirar acentos da coluna MUNICIPIO

Como devo fazer ai?

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Hi @Maia_Marcello , you can use the string Normalizer to do this. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to import the library in the Column Expressions.

Consequently, I did it in Java via the Java Snippet:

Just need to import the java.text.Normalizer:
import java.text.Normalizer;

And the code is just this:

String normalized = Normalizer.normalize(c_column1, Normalizer.Form.NFD);
out_removedaccent = normalized.replaceAll("[^\\p{ASCII}]", "");

EDIT: Here’s the test workflow in case you need it: Remove accents.knwf (6.6 KB)

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Hello @Maia_Marcello,

there is function removeDiacritic() in String Manipulation node.


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Hi @ipazin , oh there is? I did not notice it. I was about to suggest that we have some sort of function like this lol.

Thanks for the info

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Boa tarde caríssimos.
Estou com dificuldade de eliminar alguns atributos de uma coluna.

Boa tarde caríssimos.
Estou com dificuldade de remover alguns conteudo na coluna data. Pretendo apenas a data que esta no fim.