Compare 2 columns


I need to compare a column named main criteria and another one name B , the tricky part is that if just 1 row in both columns are the same the output must be "Correct or “True” otherwise will be “False” or “double check”.

Sample.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Interesting Problem.

You can use the Set Operator Node to check if there is an “intersection” in between the columns (so at least one value is in both columns).

If there is an intersection you add “Correct” to column results, if not then “Review”.

The way to implement this is to check if the table that comes out of the Set Operator is empty (no intersection) or not (at least one matching value).

Here is a prototype:
setOps.knwf (93.6 KB)


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Thank you for your assistance, I really appreciate it. it worked great

I have this other doubt.
now in case I would like to check row by row against the criteria, let’s say row 1 is Apple and it will check if this string is in the criteria column if so it will show correct but if row 5 is apple it will show review.

it sounds like a loop but how can I add that step to the flow?

Sample (2).xlsx (9.9 KB)

As you said you will need to nest the logic inside a loop where you then send each row of Table B into the set operation to determine whether it is in your Criteria table and then append the result on it.

setOps.knwf (123.4 KB)