Compare 2 excel and highlight the row with different quantity in the second excel

Hi I am very new to KNIME please help!! :melting_face:

I have 2 excels with delivery schedule. I would like to identify the same row and see if the ‘Qty’ column is the same, if not, highlight that row.

For example,

The schedule will include the delivery requirement for today and tomorrow. That is,

Delivery schedule on 06-30 will have schedule for 06-30 and 07-01


Delivery schedule on 07-01 will have schedule for 07-01 and 07-02


I would like to find out the changes of Qty column during the overlap date, in this example is 07-01, and see if it change compare with the previous day. If yes, highlight.

The ideal result would be below:


how can I achieve this with KNIME?

I will not use the same file but a new file everyday. I have this delivery schedule for a list of vendors downloaded from SAP everyday. Currently, each excel are named as vendor name and stored in a folder named by the date in SharePoint. Examples as below.



Thank you so much in advance!

Hello @caratsweet
I can read that you are new to KNIME, that shouldn’t be any hurdle. However your post is not related to a single task but many. This is why I think that you have had not answers till now.

Some of the bullets that you mentioned in your post are:

  1. Related to your workflow envision, your internal process projection. Single process run? Multiple audit run? Automated date?..
  2. Data folder structure (daily file per vendor in a daily folder) and access configuration (SP, OneDrive…); select task folders and files (loop if audit?), loop through task vendors.
  3. Data analysis of paired files; highlight reported overlap differences

Each of these bullets is a topic by itself. I don’t think that they can be solved with a single answer or even a example workflow; as tons of information on every mentioned bullet is missed.

For the number 3, ‘compare overlapped information column value’ is the simplest one; For the others, I have a question: Data access is solved in your current workflow?

Aiming to compare two tables, a simple method is a Joiner node (with Inner Join); using all the columns (but the target $Qty$ column) as matching criterion. Then a ‘math formula’ (numeric difference) or rule engine (boolean logic) will compare $Qty$ vs $Qty (right)$ columns.

Please share your thoughts


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