Compare 2 Excel File with same columns but with possible missing entries and mismatch

Hi All,

I’d like to ask for your assistance in creating a workflow that compares two Excel files and finds missing and mismatched entries.

I already have a workflow in place of using Joiner to find missing entries, but I also need the mismatches. I tried using the rule engine and manually configuring which columns to check, and I’d like to improve it so that it’s more generic and reusable for other excel files I want to compare.

File 1 = Reference Table
File 2 = Transaction Table

Output 1 = Missing in Transaction Table (All missing entries based on Inventory ID)
Output 2 = Missing in Reference Table (All missing entries based on Inventory ID)
Output 3 = Mismatch Entries (All entries that are present in Transaction Table but with different value in some of the columns)

Hi @wuzgood , you can do this via the Joiner node with the following settings.