Compare Array Flow Variable with Column Expressions node

Hello Community!
I’m new with KNIME 4.6.3 and I’m sorry for my english :wink:

For Keyword-Analytics I want to compare a list of “city names” with a list of phrases.

I use the “Create String Array Variable” to generate the Flow Variable #arraycities as an array, but I have no access by the connected Column Expression Node.

With the Column Expressions Node, I try to check if each row of the list of phrases contains any strings of the FlowVariable #arraycities.

Which Expression can I use to compare the value in column with the Array Flow Variable?

Thank you so much

Hello @evolutionpart & welcome to the KNIME community forum !

I understand your question. However, the best would be that you upload here a small workflow with an example of what you have already achieved on your own data (or meaningful dummy data if yours is confidential) so that we can better and faster help you. Looking forward to further help you !


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Filter_cities.knwf (42.3 KB)

This is the shortened workflow

Hi @evolutionpart

Sorry for my late reply. Please find a solution to the problem you want to solve:

It is not based on the -Column Expression- node, nor on an array of flow variables, but it easily shows an alternative way of solving the problem you are tackling. The workflow suggests two different solutions: (1) is suitable if your tables are not too big so that a cross join between tables can be done in just one go. Otherwise, use solution (2) which is based on the partition of the cross joining task into several chunks to reduce memory usage.

Hope it helps.


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