Compare Dates in different formats


I would like to compare some columns in two tables and output the comparison result. I have mostly achieved what I wanted however I am having some problems with comparing columns which contain Dates. Not every row will contain a plausible date (some users included some comments as well) therefore I need to use the column as string in KNIME.
In both excel files the following is visible “01.10.2019” however one table contains this information formatted as string while the other has this as DateTime. When importing to KNIME the string will be imported unchanged as “01.10.2019” while the DateTime will be imported as “01-10-2019”. Now these strings will evaluate to be different but the information is in fact the same.
Do you have any idea how to deal with this?

Thank you!

since the date column in one table contains comments and cannot be converted to a date, I think you have to convert the date to a string. For this you can use the Date&Time to String node. Then you can for example use the Rule Engine to check if the strings are equal.
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For your string dates you can try

If every row has date it will work instantly if not you will need to use, say Chunk Loop, for row processing.

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