Compare DB Tables including column names but ignoring case

Hi, I’m trying to use Knime to compare two tables in different databases, cell by cell and also column names.

I’ve connected to both DBs (one Snowflake, the other postgres) and can query the two tables. However Snowflake returns column names as uppercase, postgres returns lowercase.

I’m sending both returned datasets into a Table Difference Finder Node. It highlights everything as different due to the case of the column names. Is there a way to get Table Difference Finder to ignore the case of the column names while still executing the comparison?


This should help.

Thanks @rfeigel - I can’t find the Insert Column Header node though. Is it called something else these days?

Hi @tonyb, using the mechanism as described by @rfeigel, for convenience, I have a component which you can feed in both tables and it renames the top table’s columns to those of the lower table.

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