Compare Images (reference image to new image) and track/mark changes

Hello Community,

I have a folder with pictures. The first picture is always the reference picture and the following are always compared with the reference one. I’m able to calculate the diffrence to check if something changed, but I like to have a visual solution.

The black squares mark a change to the refernce.
In the end (one day) the result should be a square plus a text which says: Object XY is missing.

Any suggestions?


Edit: Maybe ia YOLO?

Hi @sven-abx,

You can use the Labeling Arithmetic node to XOR the two labelings. With some size filtering (use Labeling Filter) afterward to exclude minor changes, you should end up with what you are looking for. You can use a Labeling to PNG Images node with the Bounding Box Renderer (see Image Settings tab) for the final result.

An example with bogus data:



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