Compare two files (String comparision)

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Please help me, I have two different tables by comparing them I need to generate a resultant table. My resultant table must only contain those records from Table2  when Col1 of Table1 is different from Col1 of Table2 (i.e. Col1.Table1=!Col1.Table2) say a string comparison.

I'm new to KNIME so please let me know if I'm not clear.


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you can use the Reference Row Splitter for this. It will split the first table in two parts. One containing the values from the others, the second not.

Cheers, Iris 

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Hi Iris,

Thanks for the quick reply, That works totatally fine. 

I would appreciate further discussion, What if I have more than one condition (say it is not just Col1.Table1=!Col1.Table2 but along with that I have Col2.Table1==Col2.Table2 AND Col3.Table1==Col3.Table2)


Thanks Iris

Hi Nagaraja,

in this case I would recommend either a series of reference row filter nodes or using a Joiner node for the task.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

Sorry to taking your time,

I didn't understand that solution.

Can you please give me a workflow to solve this

I need to compare two tables I have, to get the third table. The condition is that If Col1.Table1==Col1.Table2 AND Col2.Table1==Col2.Table2 AND Col3.Table1!=Col3.Table2.

For instance:

Table 1: 

      Name    Category        Date     

1)   X             A                     1/1/2001

2)   Y             B                      2/15/2004

3)   Z             C                      5/20/2014



Table 2:

      Name    Category          Date     

1)  X             A                      1/31/2001

2)  Y             P                      3/15/2004

3)  Z             C                      5/20/2014


Resultant Table:

       Name    Category          Date     

1)   X             A                      1/31/2001


So here in the above example I have only one record in the resultant table where Name and Category are same but Date is different.

I need a workflow for this, I tried Math Formula but result wasn't as expected.