Compare Two Tables based on Three Columns

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I need to compare two tables I have, to get the third table. The condition is that If Col1.Table1==Col1.Table2 AND Col2.Table1==Col2.Table2 AND Col3.Table1!=Col3.Table2.

For instance:

Table 1: 

      Name    Category        Date     

1)   X             A                     1/1/2001

2)   Y             B                      2/15/2004

3)   Z             C                      5/20/2014



Table 2:

      Name    Category          Date     

1)  X             A                      1/31/2001

2)  Y             P                      3/15/2004

3)  Z             C                      5/20/2014


Resultant Table:

       Name    Category          Date     

1)   X             A                      1/31/2001


So here in the above example I have only one record in the resultant table where Name and Category are same but Date is different.

I need a workflow for this, I tried Math Formula but result wasn't as expected.



Hi Nagaraja_Ganiga, probably these post may help you 

Post 1:

Post 2:

However I think that knime should develop a node that allows you to input several tables and make conditional filters on them, something like its done in the auditing software tools, that read multiple tables and you make filters on them like IF Table1.ColumnA>4333 AND Table2.ColumnH="ABC" OR Table3.ColumnJ!=9993.

Here is a example of such software:

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Thanks for the reply, Yes I need conditional filtering node which I'm not able to find.


Thank you.

The new links are

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It sounds like Joiner node will do the job: