Compare Values in a Column and Grouping

Hi everyone,

I need help on comparing the values in a column and if they are equal, check another column. If they are also equal, write ‘equal’ in a new column. For example:

If ‘Master’ column are equal in 3 raws, check ‘Price’ column. If they are also all equal each other, write ‘equal’ in another column for these rows. If prices are not equal, write ‘not equal’


Thanks in advance !

Hello @ellobyhn,

use following nodes:

  • GroupBy node to get minimum and maximum Price per Master
  • Rule Engine node to output “equal” if min = max else “not equal”
  • Joiner (Labs) to do perform Left Outer join based on Master to add newly created column

Give it a try and if you’ll have any questions/issues don’t hesitate to ask!



Hi @ipazin

It worked, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that @ellobyhn!

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