Comparing columns in two files with range


I would like to extract all rows of file 1 that meet two conditions in another file (file 2)

1. condition: file1.column1 == file2.column1 (like a string)

2. condition: file1.column2 is > file2.column2 and < file2.column3 (like a min max range)

I can solve each condition alone but not both together. How to do this? Any help is appreciated.







Hi M,

I would first join the two on column 1 and than use a rule-based row filter to get only the ones holding condition 2.

Best, Iris

Alright, I will try it....thanks a lot for your reply


I need to join 2 files like:

Left join

on f1.OrigDate between f2.StartDate and f2.EndDate

How to do this in KNIME?

Thank you