Comparing components in a workflow

Hello, I am wondering if anything has been done about being able to compare components, and everything inside of them. Seems components are recommended, which I agree with, however this basically renders the comparison of 2 workflows useless.

Sorry, you’re issue isn’t very clear. See this video:


I have seen this video. The issue is that our metanode for data validation occurs after a component that is required. The workflow comparison does not seem to show any comparison of the validation node, nor anything else after the comparison node.

Sorry I meant to say it does not compare anything after the component node

Without a more detailed description of what you’re trying to do and the configuration of your workflow its impossible to offer any help.

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What exactly do you need?

Hi @andrewbrott, my understanding is that you are trying to use the workflow comparison in the classic UI. On your workflows you have something like:

  • a series of nodes,
  • a component
  • a metanode.

You are saying that the workflow comparison shows the comparison for the series of nodes, and the component but then does not show the details of the metanode.

When I have tried to do this to see what happens, I see the comparison tree for the series of nodes, the component and then the node (or nodes) contained within the metanode, which I think is what I’d expect based on the video you referenced (i.e. metanodes are expanded, but components are not).

Is that not what you see? If not, can you upload screenshots of a demo example, showing the nodes/component/metanode in the workflow, and the comparison tree produced by the workflow comparison tool.

btw, which version of KNIME are you using?