Comparing dates from a reference table

Hi team, I’m stuck on a problem. I have a table with 1 column of dates. I have a second table with my data and 2 date fields. I would like to know if dates from table 1 falls in between the 2 dates from table 2. I can’t join this data because there is no unique key and not sure how to approach this problem.

Hi @KunalB86 -

I had a very similar question come up from a student in an L2-DS course a few weeks back. The key was to use flow variables for Start and End dates with a Date&Time-based Row Filter node.

Take a look at question 1 in the attached workflow and see if it helps you.

LoopingOverDateRangesExample.knwf (61.9 KB)


See also discussion here

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Beautiful! Thank you!

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