Comparing dates KNIME

Hello everyone,


This is my first post, I have started using KNIME lately and I wanted to reproduce what I had done on Alteryx.

I wanted to compare many production dates for a fixed article and have a new column with the oldest production date for that specific article.

I don't know what to use as my date isnt taken into account on the math formula node and I don't know how to use to column Filter rule too.


Thanks in advance for your help

You need to get Knime to recognise it as a date.

there is a time series section of nodes.

first convert it to date format with string to date node.

You can then compare dates with time difference node or filter rows using extract time window node.


Hello Simon, 

Thank you for your answer, I'm sorry I couldn't answer earlier.

Your advice helped me significantly, and I'm starting tests right away.

It's still slow tho as I'm working on 500k+ rows excel files and I have a good computer but it is still too slow ^^.

Thank you again.


Hi Ayoub,

you can try to increase the amount of memory which KNIME can use: maybe this speeds up your processing.




Hello Christian,


Thank you for your quick answer, I did increase the memory but it still takes a lot of time to load the file, I will try to convert my files the csv format and see if it's better.

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank you all and let you know that it is working with no problems on huge csv files.

Great community guys, keep up the good spirit.

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