Comparing Hierarchical Clusterings

Hello fellow Knime Users,

I´m currently trying to figure out a was to compare the results of two hierarchical clusterings.
Before I´m doing the Clustering, I´m using different nomalization techniques on my data, so the values and distances will be different.
I made sure to give an index to each example datapoint in my data, to be able to compare them.
After clustering I bring the results of the clustering in one table to plot it with a scatter plot.

However, is there a more comfortable way of doing that? Maybe also to compare more than 2 Clusterings at the same time?
I also tried coloring the Dendrogram from Clustering1 with the Colors(created with color manager) of Clustering2

Thank you a lot in advance!


Hi Oso,

In order to compare clustering quality one has to evaluate inter- and intra-cluster similarity. There are several measures, you can get more information about them here.